From Shit Comes Flower

Something that I have always found extremely disturbing is when people use the phrase "it is what it is." Definitely my least favorite of phrases, generally speaking. When someone is truly upset, devastated even, do people actually think they'll find comfort in knowing that "it is what it is?" Let me ask you, what exactly is it? Please don't say "it!" If a person who you thought to be trustworthy then lies, cheats, and deceives you, would you really find satisfaction in this nauseating phrase? Self respect and dignity say no! You should say no and if not I'll say it for you because you deserve a better explanation!

Yes, sure in some cases people ‘are what they are’ and you must accept them as so. However, that all narrows down to the fact that people don't change. In my opinion it is never people who change but the situations around them which force certain characteristics to be exposed. Science tells us that a species will respond to environmental changes, this pertains to both physical and emotional behaviors. These "responses" were always there somewhere, swirling about within the soul just waiting for the brain to activate them! No, I'm not talking about any kind of psychological disorders. This is textbook people!

Once again, in order for a person to emit a "new" response there must be a change in the environment and not in the person. I find that situations are completely changeable, however we are the only ones with the power to change them. There are all of these completely ridiculous books out right now that are filled with the notion that if you desire something and “meditate” about it then you'll receive it. While I find all of the nonsense in these books to be complete poppycock, the fundamentals are true.  As I have said before, I am a firm believer that if you wish to be desirable in love or in your career, you need to act confident and wear a smile.

Act confidently even if your acting skills would barely qualify you for a career as a porn star! Force a smile even you have had so many collagen boosts its impossible to show any emotion at all on your face! We live in a democracy for a reason, people, and while I believe that like those books I mentioned before, the government is entirely corrupt, the fundamentals are there! As a very "wise" man once said, "from the horse shit, comes the flower."  You may have to dig a little but the truth is there and if all you can come up with is "it is what it is" you should probably get a bigger shovel!   We have the power to make the changes we wish to see in our lives! Therefore it never ‘is what it is’.... it is what you make it!

xoxo LG

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